Change to German LanguageIn the end, it’s all about a good glass of wine.
But what’s it all about beforehand?


Peer F. HolmEach sold glass of wine is a good glass of wine – for producers, traders and restaurant owners. However, it’s becoming tighter on the market.

So, in my opinion, the wine itself and the knowledge about this product are two factors that by all means belong together
– just like at Wein & Wissen (wine & knowledge).

My name is Peer F. Holm, and I’ve been working as a wine professional, teacher and consultant. By my expertise, I’m helping producers and organizations to consider everything that’s necessary to sell a glass of wine – or even better: two glasses.

  • Strategic consulting in distribution and sales
  • Planning and performance of sommelier events
  • Communication consulting and social media
  • Trainings, seminars, workshops

To do this, I’m using my contacts to the sommeliers’ scene, to agencies, associations, and decision makers – a professional network that you only can benefit from.

Let’s talk about how you can combine the factors wine and knowledge so as to be successful. I’m looking forward to your call: +49 (2241) 201 36 75. Or click here to send me an e-mail: mail@wein-wissen.de.


News from the world of wine

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